ad rock Crime

Ad-Rock Supports Women Accusing his Father of Sexual Assault

Nine women level allegations against playwright Israel Horovitz
cabaret_law Crime

New York’s Cabaret Law Was a Racist Disgrace

Good riddance
uber-graffiti Crime

Twenty Pounds of Fentanyl and Heroin Found In an Upper West Side Apartment

That's enough to knock out half the city
Pablo_Escobar Crime

Twenty-Six Years Ago, Pablo Escobar Was Arrested (Kind Of)

An extended stay at Club Medellín
chicago_gang_lead Crime

Vintage Map of Chicago’s Gang Hideouts Shows They’ve Been There a Long Time

Some things change...
Chicago_police_gang_rival_territory Crime

Chicago Cops Dropped Off Uncooperative Gang Members In Rival Territory

Serve and protect, as long as you snitch
19437624579_88eab701c8_b Crime

Mexico Celebrates Trump Inauguration by Sending El Chapo to the States

The drug kingpin threatened Trump's life back in July
police_safety_video_801 Crime

Hilarious Police Safety Video From the ’80s Will Show You How Cops See the World

What dimension is this?
krispy_kreme_black_lives_matter Crime

Cops Complain That Krispy Kreme Wrote Black Lives Matter on Doughnut Box

We hope the cops will survive
ftlauderdale_shooter_footage Crime

Footage of Fort Lauderdale Shooter’s First Horrifying Moments Released

Esteban Santiago has confessed to the crime
snapchat_chicken_racist_student Crime

Teen Shares Racist Video of Fellow Student Eating Chicken, Gets ‘Whupping’ He De...

Both face charges
chicago_murder_rate_2016 Crime

Chicago’s Murder Rate in 2016 Hit Its Highest Levels in Two Decades

Any hope of a better year went out the window
man_tests_cop_theory_shot Crime

Man Tests Theory That All Cops Are Good, Gets Shot 12 Times

Some theories should just stay theories
Dylann Storm Roof Crime

Dylann Roof Wants to Be a Martyr, the Jury Shouldn’t Let That Happen

Fuck what he wants
Knife_Cream_Man Crime

Ice Cream Bandit Brandishes Knife In NYC Bodega, Demands To Be Recorded On Faceb...

"Now I'mma eat it whether you like it or not. Right or Wrong?"
toilet_prison_break Crime

Dirty Deeds: Tennessee Inmates Escape Through a Broken Toilet

Five have been captured and one remains at large