PREMIERE: Caleb Brown “Ghetto Religion” Video

Caleb Brown is an 18-year-old rapper from that hotbed of rap talent, Baton Rouge, Louisiana—the Sherwood area, to be specific. He recently signed with Rostrum Records, the indie label that nurtured such future megastars as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.
“Caleb Brown is a breath of fresh air,” says Nicole Plantin the label’s VP of A&R. “His music possesses insightfulness beyond his years and touches on the things going on around him in his city of Baton Rouge. He has substance but still keeps it young and fresh.” Brown jumped his rap career off in 2014 with his Fear and Empathy mixtapes. Two years later he released the All Dawgs Go To Heaven EP, which was dedicated to Caleb’s friends Matthew Crutchfield, Ortez Williams Jr. and Jauan Saxton—all of whom died while the EP was in the works.
Caleb Brown is having a very good day today. Not only does he graduate from BR’s Central High School today—with a recording contract in his back pocket (!)—but MASS APPEAL is premiering his video for “Ghetto Religion.” In the recent graduate’s own words: “It was cool to connect with Evan Kidd again and film the video for ‘Ghetto Religion,’ The whole crew really enjoyed shooting in Baton Rouge so I know our energy will come through in the video.”
Peep the visuals up top and stream his new project in full below.

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