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Best Music Videos of the Week: Radiohead, Modern Baseball, K.Flay, and More

Oh happy week! After two singles and accompanying music videos appeared seemingly out of nowhere, we’ve been blessed with a new album from Radiohead. 2016’s been too damn nice on the album release tip. Hopefully, you showed your momma some love by copping her that new Aesop Rock record while spending time at her crib as you waited for the new Radiohead to drop. Check these visual treats below while you enjoy this post-mom day Monday.

Radiohead – “Burn the Witch”

“Burn the Witch” is the first video off of Radiohead’s newest record, A Moon Shaped Pool, and their first video in five years. The animated video is a claymation puppet adventure through The Wicker Man, thanks to director by Chris Hopewell. I’m sure you’ve all overplayed this visual treatment in the past week, but here it is again, marking its spot as one of the year’s memorable videos and etching itself into 2016.

Radiohead – “Daydreaming”

And here’s the second video off the new Radiohead record, “Daydreaming”. The song itself is a quiet piano ballad, with Thom Yorke’s signature vocals crying over the track as director Paul Thomas Anderson (yes, There Will Be Blood and Inherent Vice Paul Thomas Anderson) follows Yorke walking through various doorways and dreamscapes. A beautifully directed video for such a chillingly slow ballad.

Aesop Rock – “Dorks”

Aesop Rock is enjoying his successful second week run of The Impossible Kid, as critics and fans alike are calling it as one of the year’s best records. This past week, Aesop dropped a video for “Dorks,” which depicts a man on the hunt for a “missing” Aesop Rock. The video is a loose story with the rapper cooking up a potion of some sort with his own blood and hair while this man tries hunting down Aesop. Watch the Rob Show-directed video up above, which is partially shot at the farm where Aesop Rock now resides.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “People-Vultures”

“People-Vultures” picks up right after King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s video for “Gamma Knife,” and features a strange beast that hatched from the egg that appeared post-ritual. The video is pretty cheesy with its effects, but makes it all the more impressive to see how far the band went to film a short monster scene similar to The Power Rangers or Kamen Rider. Watch the Danny Cohen and Jason Galea sci-fi epic nod up above.

Modern Baseball – “Wedding Singer”

Modern Baseball’s third album, Holy Ghost, is out this Friday, May 13, on Run For Cover Records. The band’s latest single, “Wedding Singer,” is about vocalist Jake Ewald coping with the death of his grandfather. Despite the glum overtone, it’s catchy, punk-fueled angst that promises for a solid upcoming record. The visuals show off the band playing inside of the above protagonist’s mind as he falls for a pink-haired punk dream chick. It’s cute, addicting music for the beloved emo rockers.

Amber Arcades – “Fading Lines”

This video of Amber Arcades’ “Fading Lines” by director Gover Meit perfectly captures what it’s like to be a freefalling person in the clouds. Matching the song’s upbeat and sunny melody, the visual shows a person plummeting downward toward the Earth surrounded by nothing but blue skies absolutely no safety. It’s a wild and beautiful performance by Ruta Norvaisaite with aerial cinematography by Jarno Cordia.

RJD2 – “The Sheboygan Left”

Soulful groovemaster RJD2 dropped a video for his single “The Sheboygan Left” this past week, showing a couple chasing around a few colorful clouds through the subways of New York. The duo eventually prance around and celebrate in the name of feel-good music at Grand Central Terminal. Directed and starring Keenan Parry and Danny Rogers (The Wizard & The Bear), check the feel good hit video up above.

Rozwell Kid – “Magic Eye”

Rozwell Kid dropped a video for their short and sweet “Magic Eye” from their latest EP, Good Graphics. The premise is simple: A couple of people with eyeball heads have a nice day out. It doesn’t look (heh) like the two actors in the eyeball costumes can see very well in their masks, but that’s all fixed when they come across a stray pair of glasses. Dig into the video up top.

K.Flay – “FML”

Illinois’s K.Flay saw the release of her latest video via Adult Swim last week, with the help of animator Ken Edge. “FML” features an animated K.Flay through a daily routine with Edge’s illustration help. No word on a project “FML” is attached to, but let’s hope the artist reveals something soon.

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