Best Music Videos of the Week: Divine Council, Father, Foxing and More

Fresh out of Thanksgiving leftovers, we’ve got a hot batch of music videos for this week. Trash Talk and Flume both supplied some dope band footage last week. Foxing, Divine Council, Justice and Father take the cake for having the best videos this week, while Gucci Mane officially kicked off the Christmas trend of videos for December.

Peep these artists and a few others kick visual game below.

Trash Talk – Tangle Film

Californian hardcore punk rockers Trash Talk surprised us all by dropping the Tangle EP back in October. Shortly before releasing the free EP, the band embarked on a short tour in Japan and performed in four cities. The group decided to shoot some footage with director Will Mayer, along with GlenJamn in partnership with Stashimi to give a glimpse of the Japanese hardcore scene. It’s pretty interesting, blending insane performance footage with Japan’s city life. Watch the film above, along with clips from the band supporting songs off their latest Tangle EP.

OK GO – “The One Moment”

Every time I believe OK Go has run out of ideas, I’m proven wrong by the band. The group’s music videos have been a viral wonder for years now. This time, the band decided to shoot a music video in literally 4.2 seconds and slow it down for the entirety of their single, “The One Moment.”

The Era – “Burning Niggaz”

Chicago footwork crew The Era dropped a video this week in support of their latest mixtape, In The Wurkz FM. Watch the crew go ham over this DJ Manny-produced, switching off fast footwork dances and taking turns with the microphone.

Editor’s Note: Teklife or the next life.

Father – “Heartthrob”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a music video in Standard resolution, so right off the bat Father gets props for this video. “Heartthrob” is one of Father’s newest singles, which doesn’t seem to be tied to a project just yet, but we’re still bopping hard to this. Above, Father raps around a colorful palette of backgrounds and girls as they make sexual innuendos with various food items. Ramez Silyan directors while Sydney Szramowski styled the visual.

Brian Fresco – “Call”

Chicago rapper Brian Fresco premiered a visual for “Call” on The FADER. Directed by Peter Collins Campbell, the video shows Brian Fesco sitting in a room and watching a scene unfold in slow-motion. The room is full of people, smoking and dripping in different shades of paint, when a woman wakes up and sees the scene unfold before her, horrified. It’s more of a metaphorical horror if anything, but it does feel pretty unsettling.

Shorty – “Meant To Be” ft. Skepta

Off Short’s upcoming record Moesh Music comes a music video featuring grime heavy-hitter Skepta. The video is directed by Peter Campbell and features the artists bouncing along and rapping in front of video footage of an ocean, tinted purple.

Flume – “My Boo” ft. Vince Staples and Kučka

As a part of triple j’s “Like A Version” video segment, in which artists cover their favorite songs and sort of reinvent them, Flume, Vince Staples and Kučka covered Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo.” The three artists are no strangers to each other, as Staples and Kučka have both been featured on Flume’s latest record, Skin. Chemistry is undeniable between the artists, as this version of “My Boo” makes the song less of a “running-man” novelty and more of an updated 2016 sound.

ScienZe – “Pancakes and Slacks”

Crown Heights rapper ScienZe showed off some visuals for “Pancakes & Slacks,” a single off his latest album, Good Food. ScienZe raps at a party that seems pretty chill, occasionally sitting on a window sill and looking out at his house party turnout. It’s a mellow mood for such a chill song from the MC.

Divine Council – “Decemba (Remix)” ft. Andre 3000

Virginia rap crew Divine Council premiered a music video on Complex for their single “Decemba (Remix),” featuring Andre 3000. Not only did Silkmoney, Icytwat, Cyrax, and Lord Linco enlist Andre 3000 for a guest verse, they were also able to get 3 Stacks himself to direct “Decemba”‘s music video. In the video, Silkmoney escapes a courtroom with the help of his secret cop girlfriend Venus X. The other three members scoop up Silkmoney for the escape and get to their hideout until cops manage to raid the place. A stunning accomplishment from the newcomers, Divine Council is an obvious crew to watch out for.

Gucci Mane – “St. Brick Intro”

Two years ago, Gucci Mane dropped a Christmas-themed mixtape called East Atlanta Santa. This year, the rapper hopes to drop The Return Of East Atlanta Santa by the end of 2016. The first taste of this record is “St. Brick Intro,” and its music video is as hilarious as you’d believe. Gucci plays the role of Santa with his groupie elves bouncing along to his raps. He also drops into someone’s house to drop off presents and take the Oreos and milk a little girl left for him.

Justice – “Fire”

Justice enlisted actress Susan Saradon for their new video, “Fire.” The visual of the French disco duo taking a trip in a convertible with the Thelma & Louise star just looks cool. The song comes from Justice’s third LP, Woman.

Foxing – “Indica”

Genius emo band Foxing are good at making people cry. Their music video for “Indica” strikes some type of nerve with me. Inspired by movies like The Conversation, The Lives of Others and Sneakers, the music video shows a man watching another couple’s life together–a perfect couple who dance and laugh and hang out together. The observer feels as if he were there with them and daydreams of becoming the man in the relationship. Directed by singer Josh Coll and John Komar. Watch the sadness up above.

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