Tinora Locke

Jarina De Marco Miss Appeal Print

Miss Appeal: Jarina De Marco

Pretty Serious
Vinny Chase Kid Art Video Premiere 2014 Imperial Music Video

Premiere: Kid Art “Imperial” Ft. Vinny Cha$e

Disrespect my clique, my shit's imperial.
Library of Congress Hip Hop News

Library of Congress Disregards Hip Hop

This year the Library of Congress added 25 records to its national registry deemed to be culturally significant. Apparently, hip h...
karlie hustle girl on girl bowtie green screen Features

Karlie Hustle: Hot 97’s Hottest Hip Hop Feminist Sounds Off

Karlie's hustle; Life is hard for a hip hop feminist.
sobs whos next live Contest

Win Tickets to Hot 97’s “Who’s Next Live” Ft. S.B.O.E. And Vinny Cha$e

Who's next?
powdered alcohol News

Alcoholic Powder: Now You Can Get Drunk on White

WWJD (What Would Jesus Drink)?
nas google microsoft scholarships News

Nas Teams With Google and Microsoft in Search for Tech Diversity

Nas loves the kids.
greenhouse keep noise down News

Chris Brown and Drake’s Fight Club Finally Shuttered for Good?

Every night there’s police outside. It’s just kind of standard.
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh Art

“Stop Telling Women to Smile” Hits the Road

Stop telling women to smile!
Arthur Fellig aka weegee Photography

Meet Weegee, America’s First Crime Scene Photographer

Before CSI, this dude was killing the competition in crime scene photography.
Whoopi Goldberg Vape Pen Column Drugs

Whoopi Goldberg Talks Her Virgin Lungs and Love for Vape Pens

What kind of kush is in Whoopi Goldberg's vape pen? The indica-dominant Platinum OG, of course.
prince purple rain 30th anniversary News

Purple Reign: Prince Returns With Amazing Reissues and New Label Deal

Purple rain, purple raaaain.
NYPD Jeffrey Schiff back on Twitter News

NYPD Twitter Snitch Back Online

Tweets is watching!
Brooklyn-landlords-try-to-force-gentrification News

NYC Landlords Are Evicting Black Tenants for White Tenants

Someone call Spike Lee!
fbi-badge-gun-big-brother News

FBI No Longer Targeting “Middle Eastern Guys” in South Carolina Gun Purchases

Big brother is watching.
Dynamic Equilibrium Lucidity Album Art Music

Dynamic Equilibrium Talks “Post Crack Era”

The world we live in is really fucked up.