John Kennedy

token Video

Open Space: Token

How Marky Mark's favorite rapper blew up
Arin Ray Music

PREMIERE: Arin Ray “Stressin”

The Cincinnati singer keeps it real about relationships


“I was never yours in the first place”
Jordan Temple Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Comedian Jordan Temple

"'Hidden Fences' is afro-futuristic comedy. That's the wave I'm trying to bring to the forefront—n*ggas being funny in space"
meek-mill-lawsuit News

Meek Mill Will Serve at Least Two Years in Prison

A bad day in court
dj-premier-off-record Video

Off The Record: DJ Premier Talks Producing JAY-Z’s “A Million and One Questions”

“When the rhyme comes on, I want you to drop a whole new different beat”
redman News

Redman Still Lives in His House From ‘MTV Cribs’

Does he have a doorbell yet?
dj-premier Video

Off The Record: DJ Premier Speaks on the Making of Nas’ “N.Y. State of Mind”

“As soon as I heard the piano, he was like, ‘Yo! Can you hook that up?’”
Teff Hinkson Music Video

PREMIERE: Teff Hinkson Ft. Kristen Walker “Golden Clouds”

Is this the end?
GIF The Great Music

PREMIERE: GiF The Great “Color Money”

“The beat has that energy that instantly put me in that ‘I gotta get to the bag no matter what’ mode”
Lute Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Lute

The N.C. MC went from dead-end jobs to Dreamville Records
phil-walker Music Video

PREMIERE: Phil Walker “Drama” Video

Just another day in the projects...
nas-monster News

The Beat for 50 Cent’s “Many Men” Was Originally a Nas Track

Legends of the ‘Lost Tapes’ continued
nas-lost-tapes Features

That Was an Uncanny Era: An Oral History of Nas’ ‘The Lost Tapes’

The making of an unconventional classic, 15 years later
JACE Hey, You're Cool

Hey, You’re Cool! Director JACE

He brought 'Atlanta' back before Donald Glover
crown-heights-still Features

‘Crown Heights’ is a Powerful True Story of Friendship and Injustice

Director Matt Ruskin on his new film about our broken prison system