Jamie Maleszka

quest Film

‘Quest’ Is A Vérité Valentine to Black Love

A Philly family perseveres and uplifts
Meek Mill Knowledge

What Does Meek Mill’s Sentence Say About Our Criminal (In)justice System?

Innocent 'til guilty, guilty always the verdict
The Work Film

‘The Work’ Is A Powerful New Documentary Unlike Any Other

Healing from the inside
Handiedan Art

Investigating Femininity, Handiedan Time Travels To ‘The Fourth Dimension’

Flush with thought, not peek-a-boo cuteness
state-property Art

‘State Property’ Exhibition Explores American Consumption of Prison Labor

Is the system broken? Or working as intended?
march-justice-attica-rising Events

The March For Justice Demands An End To Human Rights Abuses In NY Prisons

"System change isn't a spectator sport."
Common Events

Common and J Cole to Advocate for Justice Reform With Free Concert

“It is my duty to lend my voice to the voiceless"

Louie KR.ONE Gasparro Brings ‘True York’ to the Masses

Queens through and through
escaping time Art

‘Escaping Time’ Showcases Talents of Incarcerated Artists

Giving voice to the voiceless and visioning the invisible
Rikers Debate Project Rikers Island Knowledge

Rikers Debate Project Teaches Those In Jail To Advocate For Themselves

And smashes stereotypes in the process

PBS Doc Dives Deep Into The Challenges of ‘Life on Parole’

What happens after prison?
ear-hustle-podcast-san-quentin Knowledge

‘Ear Hustle’: A New Podcast From Inside San Quentin Prison

“You can lock up the body, but you can’t lock up the mind."
blood-doorstep-dontre Film

‘The Blood Is At the Doorstep’: Demanding Justice for Dontre Hamilton

One family’s journey for justice following a fatal shooting by Milwaukee police

Black Lives Matter Activists Bail Out Mamas for Mother’s Day

Giving the gift of freedom

The ‘Copwatch’ Roundtable

"Wake the fuck up. Y'all see this shit?"

‘All We Need Is Another Chance’ Doc Looks At The Power of Music Behind Bars

Cutting a hit record in the belly of the beast