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A$AP Mob Ripped SummerStage (and Kicked Me in the Head)

Last night, as the crowd waited for the A$AP Mob performance at New York’s SummerStage, the general admission pit got so packed that it gave new meaning to the tour’s title: Too Cozy. When the heat of the day subsided, the smell of marijuana filled the Central Park air and the crowd began their chant: “A$AP! A$AP! A$AP!”

Photo: Jalese Ayana @the.nonchalance

A smaller stage located near the back of the general admission pit was soon the center of attention as Key! appeared on the platform. It wasn’t long before he was joined by A$AP Mob members Illz, Ant and Nast, who was sporting sneakers from his just announced collaboration with Converse.

Photo: Jalese Ayana @the.nonchalance

A$AP Twelvyy kicked off the main stage performance, singing, “It’s my last year being broke” while stage diving into a crowd on the verge of overflow. Near the front barricades, attendees began complaining about being crushed, and A$AP Lou’s security made it a point to stop the show several times due to the conditions. Tensions rose even higher as the crowd and security began exchanging chants of “A$AP!” and “BACK UP!”

Photo: Jalese Ayana @the.nonchalance

As the chaos continued, security finally relented and the crowd got their wishes. Soon A$AP members Rocky, Ferg and Twelvyy stormed the stage, shouting out the lyrics to “Yamborghini High”, a song penned in dedication to the late A$AP Yams, the archetiect of the A$AP organization. Ferg performed a few of the hottest joints off of his mixtape Still Striving, but the crowd reached its peak as A$AP Rocky stage dived right above my head—and subsequently kicked the shit outta me. Apparently, I was not the only one surprised by the move, as security immediately rushed in to rescue the rapper from the grip of the crowd.

Photo: Jalese Ayana @the.nonchalance

With Playboi Carti joining the performance, the entire A$AP Mob initiated a #TakeAKnee moment to show solidarity with former 49ers quarterback-turned-free agent Colin Kaepernick. Afterwards, the Mob delivered a stellar performance of “Walk on Water” from the recently released Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2.

Photo: Jalese Ayana @the.nonchalance

Further into the set, new Mob member Smooky MarGielaa joined the crew on stage to give the crowd even more to chant about. Of course, everyone got hype to “Lord Pretty Flacko Jordy” before Rocky took the mic, offering a rebuke of racism, “It don’t matter if you black, if you white, if you brown, if you yellow, ‘cause we all purple people man. So all the racist niggas can suck a dick.”

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