Artist Matthew Barney Slayed A Bullfighter For Halloween, Put Its Remains In Front of His Brooklyn Home

Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood has lots of tree-lined blocks with beautiful brownstones. Typically for Halloween, many of the owners of these properties, decorate their steps with faux cobwebs, furry spiders and candlelit jack-o-lanterns. But this year, artist Matthew Barney took that tradition a step further and a bit darker, with a truly macabre bullfighter installation in front of his mid-19th-century townhouse on South Elliott Place, a landmarked block just a few doors down from director Spike Lee’s headquarters.

The realistic-looking bull is bloodied and stuck with “banderillas,” the colorfully decorated barbs that matadors use to injure the animal during tauromachy. Although the bovine appears to be vanquished, so does the bullfighter, who has been gored through the mouth, leaving only his skeletal remains and a trampled traje de luces, along with a cape. This is effective for not only scaring the kids, but also teaching them the evils of bullfighting.

That’s good art.

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