Jason Barton
Screengrab: Youtube

Arizona Cops Decide Best Punishment For Black Man Jaywalking Is An Ass Whooping

Jason Barton, 35, black, was simply walking through a street in Mesa, Arizona, when two cops, white, decided that evening was when jaywalking laws should be enforced.


“The officers attempted to stop him for crossing against the signal,” Mesa police Detective Steve Berry said. “When they attempted to stop him, he chose to try and run and was ultimately taken to the ground where he continued to resist and attempted to destroy a fairly large bag of marijuana.”

It’s sad that we have to even say this, but Barton claims that he wasn’t even jaywalking.

“I look up and here comes the [police] car turning around the corner … by the time I looked up at the [flashing sign] it said ’12,’ ” Barton said. “When they pulled up on me and said I was jaywalking, I was saying, ‘I wasn’t jaywalking,’ and I said because ‘the light turned quick. The hand signal turned quick, so I was in there while it was blinking.’ ”


When the police first started heading his direction Barton says he instinctually started to move out of their way, and then police tackled him and told him to stop resisting. After punching him, repeatedly, Barton also claims that police said to him “you’re lucky you’re alive and not dead.”

He says that police never gave him a command to stop and the officers’ body-cameras magically malfunctioned so they didn’t start recording until the incident had already escalated.

Jonathan Jimenez, the guy who filmed Barton getting beat down from his truck, told reporters “I was disgusted,” by the incident. “You see all these videos on the internet and you usually get the middle of it but you don’t see the beginning. I usually think, ‘What did the guy do to deserve it?’ but I saw what happened and I know the guy didn’t deserve it—especially for a jaywalking violation.”

Protesters are planning to march in the city tonight. “We are embarking on what I believe is an ambitious plan to cause gridlock and shut down major arterial streets in the city,” the Rev. Jarrett Maupin told KTAR. “When you look at that video, it’s a black and white, classic, textbook case of police brutality and excessive force. There’s just no other way to describe it.”

The officers have not been identified, but the incident is being investigated. As we all know the likelihood of justice actually being served is slim. 



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