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My Dad Hated Our Underrated Rappers List

Though I only recently started working here at MASS APPEAL, my dad, Ed Scott, happens to be an avid reader of the site and the most passionate hip hop fan I know. But he’s had some problems with some of the posts we’ve run recently.

When we released our 25 Best Rappers/Producers list, my dad was not happy, to say the least. But this week’s 25 Most Underrated Rappers of the Past 25 Years list sent him over the edge. So I decided to get him on the phone and get his critiques of our choices. Here they are:

25. Childish Gambino

Nah, he should be higher. He’s underrated.

24. A$Ap Twelvyy

He’s ass. A-S-S. Ass.

23. Turf Talk

He doesn’t even deserve to be [top] 50, man. I saw a video of him.

22. Twista

Listen man, there’s a whole lot of other rappers, but half the stuff Twista says, you don’t even know even know what he says and you like it. I could see why he’s on the list, I guess. He should be higher when you got cats like Kevin Gates up there.

21. Cyhi the Prince

No. You bringing up guys that I’ve actually seen videos of and heard their music. I’m waiting for a young cat to come in so I can go, “Yo, he’s the next one”

20. Kevin Gates

I don’t see nothing about him, man. It’s slow. It has nothing to do with him being from a different area or era. It’s just… I don’t know. He doesn’t draw me in and people from the south have drawn me in. Andre 3000 has drawn me in. T.I. has drawn me in. Certain MCs ride the beat, like T.I. and Andre ride the beat and you get lost and they become a part of the song. With somebody like Kevin Gates, I’m lost. Like sometimes I hear Gucci, and I’m just like, “What the fuck is he talking about?” It makes no sense to me. And people cheer for this shit, but he’s ass though. That’s not no shit I’m playing in my car, I just can’t take it.

19. Wale

Wale’s aight. I’ve only liked the song “Let a Nigga Know.” I play that when I work out and I think he killed some bars on there, but other than that, even the stuff he does for the First Take show he does with Stephen A. Smith, I think that’s some of the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard. Like, “One take…Two Takes…Three takes…First take” Fuck outta here, man! Yo, he’s decent, don’t get me wrong. I can’t really say he’s not underrated. But if we talking the last 25 years, Wale shouldn’t even be on here.

18. Guilty Simpson

I saw one thing from him. Ehhhh, whatever.

17. Jay Rock

Jay Rock is actually pretty good. Jay Rock has some songs. The song I think y’all had in the article, “All My Life,” he got that off, too. He’s more like a G Rap for the West Coast. He speaks some shit. Haven’t heard a lot from him, so I don’t know if that’s his norm though

16. MC Eiht

MC Eiht is a legend. MC Eiht has always been underrated. He deserves higher than 16. He has to be in the top 10 to 12.

15. Rapsody

She’s a legend. Top 10. Top 10 definitely. You know, I’m talking the last 25 years, underrated, yeah. I’m not saying she’s like the legends from my era, but if we talking the last 25 years, she still belongs on there.

14. Mick Jenkins

Don’t know him.

13. Juvenile

You talkin’ lyrics? [Juvenile] definitely has some hits. You can’t have Yo Gotti higher than Juvenile. Yo Gotti is not… Listen, I saw a performance from him the other night. I don’t give a fuck what era, he’s trash! Over Juvenile? Come on! Everything I’ve heard him on, it’s the same shit! Fuck outta here, man.

12. Giggs


11. Busta Rhymes
10. Memphis Bleek

Busta should be in the top five. Wait, who’s number 10? MEMPHIS BLEEK?! Yo, without JAY, he’s a body man! Get outta here, man. Think about it, Busta Rhymes under Memphis Bleek?? You can name 10 of Busta’s songs and 10 features he’s been on. Bleek killed the thing with Missy and something with JAY. Name something he’s BODIED by himself. And I like Bleek, don’t get me wrong, but he ain’t even top 30. Keep fuckin’ with me, he won’t be top 50. Memphis does not belong over Busta. The list wrong. I know y’all caught fire over that. Busta may run in there and throw a table at somebody.

9. Azealia Banks

See this is what I’m talking about… Nah.

8. Khujo

WHAT?? Yo, who threw this list together? What y’all just throw shit at the wall and see if it stick? I’m just being honest, man. I’m tryna keep it clean.

7. Inspectah Deck

He belongs on there, but he’s too high. You know I love anybody from the Wu, but he’s too high. He’s never had a lot of lyrics. But with the list you got? He’s at least 12 to 15 with the list you got.

6. Yo Gotti

He doesn’t say anything! He’s ass!

5. Foxy Brown

She’s not even top 10. Fuck outta here. Can’t rhyme about bricks and dicks all day and be underrated, no matter subject matter. Plus JAY and others wrote her shit.

4. Project Pat

There’s no way. He doesn’t even belong in a list for underrated. I only remember one ignorant ass song from him. He should be in an Ain’t Worth Shit list.

3. Vince Staples

He hasn’t put in enough work to be considered underrated, at least not on this list.

2. Black Thought
1. Big Boi

Black Thought should be number 1 with that top five. Big Boi is nice, but I don’t know, man, Andre carried that group. Y’all gotta kill y’all selves for this list so I don’t gotta catch a charge. No Pharoahe Monch? CL Smooth? Beans? Joell Ortiz? Y’all are done, son. No Ras Kass?


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